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The Letalis Wolf.

My appreciation for wolves came from trying to understand my Siberian Huskies. I have had the joy of owning three members of this magnificent breed; highly intelligent, mischievous and with strong desire to be part of a pack.

As I write this my 2 year old husky, ‘The Letalis Wolf’, is sat under my desk keeping my feet warm. His little paws twitching, as he dreams of running with my husband across the fields.

He is a massive part of our family. He is company for me while I write my books and a pull to keep fit. My husband and my eldest daughter take him for runs, and enter him in canicross events. The excited howling that goes on when one of them picks up his harness, is very wolf like.

To my youngest he is just a big cuddly member of the family who listens to all her crazy ideas.

When he is not laid on my feet, he can be found sat at the window, keeping a close eye on the neighbourhood, and gets very excited when the cats across the road taunt him.

But he has another role; he has become my poster boy, for my new book; The Letalis Wolf.

'The Letalis Wolf' is the story of Samuel and Gleb (father & son) journey to uncover their werewolf roots. Their werewolf side stretches back in British history to the 9th century, so to do their story justice I am researching the timelines of Kings and Queen's, along with researching into the way a wolf pack is structured.

I excited to continue researching and writing about these beautiful creatures. Check out my research page.

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