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Letalis Chronicles


A series of books I have been writing for the past ten years. The series focuses around a Pureblood vampire Darla, her family and their journey through the centuries. 


I self-published Letalis Vindicta as an ebook back in May 2015 and The Letalis War and The Letalis Trinity in 2016. I have since published them as paperbacks. 

2018 I adapted Letalis Vindicta (Deadly Revenge) into four novellas for the YA market and had great fun making the covers for them in Photoshop. 


I have just finished writing my fourth book Æthelswith Queen Of Wolves, which I published December 2018 and now I am working on my fifth book and hope to have it finished by the end of 2019. 

Please click the images above to get to my Amazon page and follow me there, so you can get updated of my upcoming works. 


So which book to read first?

There are two ways to start:- 

The novel Letalis Vindicta or the novella Darla. 

Letalis Vindicta is a 500 page novel and does have some adult contents.

The four novellas are basically the same story but broken down in four shorter books (170 pages) and the adult contents has been tamed down a bit.

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