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Writing The Letalis Chronicles at the start was just a hobby. Back in September 2014 my Mum gave me the confidence to approach some literary agents and get published.  In January 2015, after a number of polite rejection letters, I started to explore the self-publish route.
May 2015 I self published the first book in The Letalis Chronicles:- Letalis Vindicta (Deadly Revenge). In October 2015 I published the second book The Letalis War.

May 2016, a year on I have just released my third book, The Letalis Trinity. 


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Æthelswith Queen of Wolves.

Her Kingdom lost to the Danes; Æthelswith Queen of Mercia has only her thirst for revenge and love for her husband to keep her spirits high. But death finds them within their sleep and now the adventure of the afterlife of wolf lies before them.
As with all their kind, they have the power to transform back to human form but at a price –the human continues to age, while the wolf is immortal. 
The wolf within Æthelswith is drawn to Wessex, to her father’s pack, but her heart still belongs to her husband; Burgred and Mercia. Torn between her duty to her father’s pack and her human emotions that still bind her to her husband, Æthelswith remains true to her instincts even though those around her succumb to their human weaknesses. But there are stronger forces buried beneath the surface that only self-discipline can contain – hidden within the wolf psyche lies the Beast, the uncontrollable alter-ego of the werewolf.
Æthelswith supresses the beast and adheres rigidly to the rules, evolved over centuries, to ensure the survival of the pack; but it is only when a secret from her past comes back to find her, does Æthelswith embrace her destiny and become The Queen of Wolves.
Æthelswith, Queen of Wolves, is a heart-rending story of privilege and duty; pride and self-righteousness; ambition and power; but beneath the surface lies the far-greater conflict between human love and the compelling instincts of survival.

Letalis Vindicta (book 1)


The innocence and curiosity of childhood is a precious gift that should be nurtured and never exploited. Yet Darla is a victim of such a cruelty.

A pure blood vampire is not turned, but is born, born to ensure their species evolves, inheriting all the gifts of those who came before them. Yet Darla's parents have used her childish naivety to keep her oblivious of her potential power for centuries.
One evening her contented world is shattered by the arrival of a wounded warrior, who in her innocence she attempts to save, unaware that in fact she has the power to give him immortality. Now her innocence tainted, curiosity takes charge and boundaries are pushed and hurtful truths are revealed. The most heart-breaking revelation of them all is the discovery that the vampire she called father is in fact her uncle, and her mother and he have plans to marry her off to a powerful vampire werewolf hybrid that could signify the abrupt end to her journey of self-discovery.
Her only option now is to run, escape the serenity of the Caledonian forest and bury herself among the impure vampires and demons in the cruel streets of 1700’s Europe. Inevitably the world manipulates and corrupts Darla to its own agenda, as she struggles to survive and find herself.



The Letalis War (book 2)
Ripped from her marital bed by the invincible and cruel rulers of her kind; Darla find herself facing a poisonous future. Hers and the ones she holds dears' survival hinges on her cunning and ability to deceive her captor. However, unknown to Darla someone else is manipulating destinies to aid her safe return.
The Letalis War is the second book in the Letalis Chronicles and continues the action-packed love story, criss-crosses through history, following Darla and her family. 
The Letalis Trinity (book 3)

Three children connected by blood are separated by necessity; as meeting could jeopardise their very existence. Yet curiosity is a powerful force, and  no amount of manipulation can avert the evitable crossing of paths which has catastrophic repercussions.

The Letalis Trinity is the third book in the book series; The Letalis Chronicles, and focuses on the adventures of Darla's three children, Darcy, Gleb and Meihui.


Book 5 & 6

I am at the moment working on book 5 and 6.

Book 5 is the love story of Darcy and Ben. The struggle as Ben get use to the dark side of his vampire nature.

Book 6 is Octavian love affair with Heather.

At the moment they are two Novella, but I might combine the two into one novel. I did share some of the book via my blog on Stemmit, check it out if you would like a sneak preview. 



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