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Who would you pick as your sire?

The eight pictures above are just pictures I got off the internet that kind of fitted the image I had created in my head for each of my Vampire characters. They are just there to give a start point to what I hope might be an interesting discussion.

When writing The Letalis Chronicles I tried to explore different vampire characteristic that have been introduced in other vampire novels. The eight above I feel are a good cross section of those different kind of vampires.

So the question is, which vampire from The Letalis Chronicles would you like to be turned by?

Would it be Samuel, the vampire/werewolf hybrid or would you pick Octavian the manipulating joker?

Maybe you would pick Darla, and be part of her vampire army? Or are you looking for romance looking for a sire who turned you just for love, like James. A sire who made the ultimate declaration of love and made your love last for eternity.

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