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Kindle Countdown Deal...

Since embarking on this adventure of being a writer, I have done a few of these Countdown Deals. The first one I did back in November 2015, was really out of curiosity. It was an option on my dashboard, so I clicked it, to see what would happen. Posted a few posts on Facebook to advertise it and watched my little sales graph go from a flat line to having a little spike of life. I did another in January with the same delightful 'beats' of life on my graph. The countdown weekends results, picked me up again and spurred me on to keep on writing.

I have another scheduled 17th-20th June, however my motives have changed slightly. The spikes are lovely to see, and give me a much needed confidence boost, however I have a new hope. I hope those spikes will equal some more Amazon Reviews.

A year back I didn't realise how much weight a review holds in this self-publishing world. Now I know that 25 reviews can get my book put on the 'you might like' list and 'Also brought' list. I am striving for that number. By putting one of my books on a Kindle Countdown Deal every couple of months I hope will pay off and entice me some new reader. I hope this new readers will enjoy my book and leave me some stars and a review.

The Letalis Trinity :- will be 99p for 87 hours

Please leave me a review on Amazon. I plan to do similar deals on book 1 & 2 in the next couple of months, so please follow me on my Amazon Author page to get updates.

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