A new slant of the vampire genre...

June 17, 2016


When I started writing the series, my aim was to write a vampire series that was romantic, but wasn't too erotic; as I wanted teenagers to be able to read them and enjoy them.
 My characters go from childhood into adulthood, so I hope my younger fans will be able to identify with my character’s emotional journey as well as enjoy their adventures.
I also noticed a lot of vampire book I read only focused on a brief period in history. A vampire is immortal and so their tale could touch on many different eras through history. What was it like to be a vampire during The War of the Roses? Did they fight in the civil wars, or the great world wars? 
So in my series I try to pull in key dates in history and share my character view on that era. 
I am still waiting on more reviews and feedback, to see if I have succeeded in my aim, to bring a new slant to the Vampire genre. Just hope my 99p offers will find me new readers and more feedback in the form of reviews.

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