The Letalis War (Book 2)

October 21, 2015

My hope is to have 'The Letalis War' the second book in the Letalis chronicles out by Halloween. I just received the last few chapters back from my mother (editor) last night at 1 am. So I am trying this morning to check through some of it before meeting my friend for lunch.

My 15 month Siberian husky does have different ideas. The Rain outside means he doesn't want to sprint around the lawn. So he is bored.

He is sat at my right side telling me his woes and when I appear not to be giving him the attention he believes he is entitled to, he is noses my mouse hand to remind me he is there. 

I have a pile of 'dog' toys at my feet and two beautiful brown eyes making me feel very guilty. So Husky is winning over book at the moment. 

So I thought I would share a little video with you all, before going off to play with my fluffy baby.

This song just came to me, as I am editing the part in the book just after the big battle, the 'War'. There are a number of casualties from the battle, but the war has hit the character James the greatest. This song really captures his struggle and also is a beautiful song. 


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