The Grammar Police.

April 20, 2015

Letalis Vindicta has been detained by the grammar police....


When I refer to the grammar police I refer to my Husband. Who is at the moment doing the final check on my book before I press publish.

He has told me numerous time, that my greatest crime is adding 's' where they don't belong. Then to add insult to injury I misuse apostrophes.

When I am writing very quickly my punctuation goes out the window and errors occur. Unfortunately on reading back, my dyslexia prevents me from seeing the errors. Unless the spell/grammar checker on my computer picks it up, then the crime goes undetected.

I know my flaws and because I want this book to be as professional as possible I asked my parent's to check it through before I pressed publish. Then just to be totally sure my husband is doing the final check. He is taking the job very seriously and I am confidence by the time he is done, the result will be as professional as if I had sent my work off to an editing company.


Suppose I am rather lucky, 'as a dyslexic writer' that I am married to him and have him and my parents to help. Sadly my husband is away all week and only has time to go through it on the weekend.

Bless him, he has spent hours the past few weekend glued to his iPad editing it for me.

He is about half way through so hopeful it will all be finished in a couple of weeks.

It is very frustrated having to wait until the weekend to make progress on getting my book finished. But rather it's me who is frustrated with having to wait, then my reader being frustrated by poor grammar and punctuation.


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