A song can ignite a 1000 words....

March 19, 2015

They say a picture can paint a thousand words. In a writer it's more true to say, a picture can fire off a thousand words. You may see a sadness in an eye but see a strength within the clench of a jawline, and questions fire across your mind to what the persons story is.

More often than not, I see an image and it makes me think of one of my characters, the expression upon the face may have been the way my character might have looked in a certain situation. I usually go back and re read that part and more often than most, I add to the section and it is improved because of reediting.


Over the year certain songs have stirred the same reflection. As I listen to the words, the emotion within the music; my mind begins to drift and I find I am picturing one of my character. The passion in the song is coming from their lips and the words are telling their tale in parts.


Still a bit unsure what to do with this blog, maybe I need to go and read some other peoples blogs and see what they have done. But for the now, I think I will share some songs. The songs that have drawn me into a day dream of my character and have in part sung their pain.



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