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March 26, 2015


Monday morning, I decided it was the week to concentrate on the front cover of my book. If I had a literary agent, then the whole process of art work, editing, publicity would be handled by someone else.  Alas I am going it alone, so up to me to get it done.

Plan A was to attempt to draw a front cover. I had some great ideas, just found by the end of the day, although I was really proud of what I had created, I wasn't proud enough to put it on my book. Time for plan B.

Plan B
Tuesday I attempted to master Gimp (a bit like Photoshop, just free). I had seen some great artwork on the internet. Where artist had taken a normal image of a model and backgrounds and through laying the images through this software had produced some breath taking artwork. However I soon realised that I wasn't going to learn what was needed in a day to get the professional results I had seen and wanted to have for my book, time for plan C.

Plan C a photoshoot.
Tuesday afternoon I gathered some candle sticks and Masquerade masks and other items from around the house that looked 'Vampireish' and grabbed my camera and started snapping. But the bright sun streaming through the window was not the perfect conditions for this photoshoot. It was clear I needed candles and lots of dark fabrics and night time for the perfect conditions.

Wednesday I spent the day turning the spare room into my vampire Boudoir, melting candles so they looked used and making groups of items that might make a nice study for my front cover. All was set all I needed to do now was to wait for dark.

The hours seemed to dawdle by and I swear the sun was clinging on to horizon refusing to go to bed. However 19:30 and the condition were perfect. So with daughter's in toe we headed upstairs to start snapping.
Kids soon got bored of watching their mad mum taking pictures of her ball gown and candle stick, and having to hold bits of fabric to block out the radiator and the modern blinds at the window. They found more entertainment in blowing the candles, which dripped wax where I didn't want wax to go. So I sent them away and continued having my fun alone.


By 21:30 I had a good amount of images and after returning the spare bedroom to normality, I sat down at the computer to upload my work for the day. I found three images I was really excited by. After a bit of editing and added the book name and my name. I was happy with plans C results and have achieved this week's goal of producing a front cover. Not bad, seeing it only Thursday. 




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